More than a hobby

The lowrider community is full of good people that have formed strong bonds seeded by a shared passion. Lowriders are works of art that showcase each member’s love for family, friends, culture, community and automobiles. We at Redcat share that same passion and have used it to create highly detailed representations of iconic lowrider vehicles. Redcat lowriders are created from the ground up and are the first mass produced, Ready-to-Run (RTR) hobby grade, fully functioning RC lowriders to ever hit the market. It is our hope that Redcat lowriders will bring people together, create new friendships and introduce people to both the Lowrider and RC Hobby communities. You too can share this passion with one of the Redcat lowriders.

Stayin’ True

Carefully crafted with every detail in mind, Redcat lowriders capture the true soul of their full sized counterparts. Simulated hydraulics, officially licensed bodies with hard plastic chrome plated trim pieces and detailed undercarriages are just the beginning. Each Redcat lowrider vehicle is carefully designed to be a true representation of the full size vehicle. Each body has been approved and licensed by the automotive manufacturer to ensure detailed accuracy. With help from the lowrider community, our chassis were designed from the ground up and tested in house to ensure the best performance possible. When you think RC lowriders, think Redcat.

Redcat Lowriders

Redcat lowriders are ready-to-run, fully functional radio controlled vehicles that capture the excitement of operating a full size lowrider. With specially designed radio, custom lowrider chassis and simulated hydraulic suspension, Redcat lowriders offer the lowrider experience at an affordable price.


Beautiful curves and sweet lines are what make the FiftyNine an absolute work of art. It doesn’t get any more classic than the 1959 Chevrolet Impala’s bat wing rear fenders, cat’s eye taillights and chrome trim package.


The 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS is a lowrider icon and the Redcat SixtyFour is all about the details. Created from the ground up to capture the heart and soul of this classic, the SixtyFour hopping lowrider features a specially designed weight bias chassis with simulated hydraulic suspension. Whether you like riding low and slow or hittin’ those switches, the SixtyFour does it in classic style.

Monte Carlo

The Redcat Monte Carlo accurately depicts the popular 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo down to the smallest details. The Monte Carlo is the first RC vehicle to use the LR260 chassis which allows the driver to raise and lower each of the four corners individually. Slam it and cruise or bend corners on three wheels, the Redcat Monte Carlo is one sweet ride.