big things come in small packages

The SixtyFour Hopping Lowrider is a highly-detailed, fully-functioning 1:10 scale remote control car that captures the street style and soul of the ’64 Chevrolet Impala SS.

So Fresh

From the classic Impala SS interior to the 23 individual chrome-plated molded parts used to create the body’s chrome accessories, the SixtyFour is all about the details.

It goes above and beyond with an artfully crafted chassis frame, faux transmission and functional solid rear axle with removable differential cover — plus optional LED lights for night-time cruising.

3-Wheeling and Scraping and Hopping Hydraulics

SixtyFour’s advanced electronic servo system allows the car to move just like a real hydraulic lowrider.

So Clean

Slow cruising, hopping or rolling on three, it’s all possible with the SixtyFour’s special hydraulically actuated suspension. Using specialty servos and precision weight bias, this vehicle replicates the driving style and overall look of a full-sized lowrider.

The SixtyFour radio controller is designed with lowrider style switches to give you that authentic look, hop, and 3-wheel feel of a full sized ’64 hopper.

the sixtyfour 1:10 scale fully functional hopping lowrider

sixtyfour red classic edition

The SixtyFour Classic Edition is painted in a beautiful candy apple red color that shows off the detailed body.  The Classic Edition includes user customizable body graphics consisting of either Pinstripes & Patterns or Sleek Scallops for users to install and customize their ride.


sixtyfour blue jevries edition

The SixtyFour Jevries Edition comes with a rich lapis blue paint that looks amazing. The Jevries Edition includes user customizable body graphics created by renowned artists and RC Lowrider creator Jevries.  These graphics feature bold and colorful artwork that gives your lowrider a whole new look.

a whip with drip

  • Officially licensed 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS body
  • Scale 14 inch spoked wheels
  • Detailed chrome injection molded trim
  • LED light kit ready
  • Patent pending front suspension hopping mechanism
  • Ultrafast custom made REEFS RC Hopping Servo
  • Real-time adjustable ride height
  • Two 25KG rear axle height adjustment servos
  • LR6X – 6-Channel Radio control with lowrider style switches
  • Individual switches for each of the 3 height adjustment servos
  • Momentary switches for raising either the front or rear to max ride height/hopping
  • Momentary buttons for lowering either the front or rear to minimum ride height